Private Residence, Co.Meath

Private Residence, Co. Meath

A new build family home built on the site of an existing farmhouse in Co. Meath. This 340sqm building holds quite a surprise and is a really good example of how old world can inspire new. The front of the house follows the typical farm house architectural style with a central door and two storeys however, this is where the traditional style ends. Adjoining the farm house building which carrys a family room and 4 bedrooms with bathrooms, there is a glazed corridor that links to a double height barn- like living space which houses the kitchen, study and living room. The double height shape is exaggerated further with the inclusion of beautiful Iroko Glulam beams. The view from this living area to the surrounding countryside is hard to beat. Within the double height space is a central ‘box’ which holds a bathroom, bootroom. study and fireplace We clad this box in timber panelling and finished it in a soft matt black paint for dramatic effect. We designed a concrete cantilevered fireplace with iroko shelving, a finish that also carries through to the kitchen and study. The tiling used throughout the house is a mixture of contemporary and replica stone porcelain.


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